Thursday, Nov 21 Join Orlando Tech Meetup

Thursday, Nov 21 Join Orlando Tech Meetup

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orlando tech meetupJoin Orlando Tech Meetup “For Tech Entrepreneurs By Tech Entrepreneurs”

We’re so stoked on the November 2013 Orlando Tech Meetup! It’s going to be an awesome night with some really great demo’s of technology that’s been built right here in Orlando. If you’re interesting in applying to demo at a future event, fill out the form here. Looking forward to seeing you Thursday, November 21st!

Demoing —

Demoing —

Workherder – workherder.com Workherder makes getting custom software built as a easy as shopping online. Software developers create standard requirements templates called “work bundles” and give them a cost and time to complete. Then project managers, entrepreneurs, lead developers or anybody (or as we call them, herders) can search for work they want done, and buy the work bundle instantly. By finding a developer who is extremely efficient at the desired task, and by keeping the work well constrained, both the developer and the herder can benefit. @workherder

Car Demander – http://cardemander.com/  Car Demander is a web application that connects Orlando locals with car dealers. It’s different from traditional car searches in that users submit what they want and let dealers meet their demand by making them offers through the Car Demander platform.  @CarDemander

Orlando Tech Meetup is a “For Tech Entrepreneurs By Tech Entrepreneurs” event organized by Orlando Tech (http://orlandote.ch) which also organizes the Orlando Tech Forum (http://forum.orlandote.ch).

As you may understand, these events are community organized and our sponsors are SO incredibly appreciated.

TriNet  TriNet delivers HR outsourcing services that allow growing companies to do what they do best. Small to medium-sized businesses in technology, financial services, non-profits, and professional services use TriNet’s all-in-one solution for human resources, benefits, payroll, workers’ compensation, and strategic human capital services. See more at – http://trinet.com

Beer Sponsor – The Tech Law Firm



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